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Digitization of buildings and processes

Our services include process automation, the use of property management systems (e.g., CAFM - Computer Aided Facility Management), BMS (Building Management Systems) and a variety of IoT (Internet of Things) tools.

BIM4FM Building Digitization (7D)

Digitization of buildings using the BIM4FM concept enables effective management of properties at every stage of their life cycle, resulting in increased investment value and better understanding and realization of a building's potential.

  • Building data management: BIM4FM enables the collection and analysis of comprehensive building data, including information on infrastructure, technical systems, maintenance and repair history.
  • Estate maintenance planning and management: Through the use of BIM 7D, it is possible to create maintenance schedules, monitor the condition of the building, and manage property maintenance processes in an efficient and compliant manner.
  • Optimizing operating costs: Analyzing BIM data helps identify areas to optimize building operating costs, such as energy consumption, maintenance costs or planning investments for the long term.
  • Monitoring energy efficiency: Using BIM, a building's energy consumption can be closely monitored, identifying opportunities to improve energy efficiency and making appropriate modifications to systems.
  • Data integration with property management systems (CAFM): BIM4FM allows data integration with property management systems to facilitate comprehensive management of building data and operational processes.

Digitization of services

At Loredo RES, we use digital technologies to optimize the management and operation of properties. Examples of areas that are digitized:
  • Monitoring and management of building systems (BMS)
  • Management of IT infrastructure in buildings
  • Office space management systems
  • Planning and tracking maintenance and repair schedules
  • Optimize energy and utility consumption
  • Management of technical documentation and operating procedures
  • Security and risk management services
  • Implementation of asset and maintenance management systems
  • Support in investment planning and budgeting for property maintenance
The use of selected solutions can increase the competitiveness of your company, the efficiency of individual departments and the profitability of the entire business.

IoT solutions

The use of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions opens up new opportunities to optimize a building's indoor environment through remote monitoring, data analysis and process automation.

Examples of areas subject to IoT use:

  • Device monitoring: IoT systems enable remote monitoring of equipment in a building, such as HVAC, lighting and security systems, enabling rapid response to malfunctions or anomalies in their operation.
  • Optimization of energy consumption: IoT sensors monitor a building's energy consumption and identify areas where energy can be saved by adjusting lighting or heating as needed.
  • Office space management: The use of motion sensors and access control systems allows efficient management of office space by automatically regulating lighting and air conditioning in the rooms used.
  • Air quality monitoring: IoT sensors monitor a building's air quality, enabling quick detection of ventilation problems and taking preventive action to ensure a healthy work environment.
  • Security and risk management: IoT alarm systems and sensors help ensure building security by monitoring alarm conditions, such as fires or flooding, and automatically notifying services when needed.
  • Data analysis and reporting: The data collected by the IoT systems is analyzed in real time and used to generate reports on the efficiency of building operations and identify areas for optimization.


SmartScore is a global smart building standard that helps owners and developers build state-of-the-art smart buildings. SmartScore buildings provide exceptional user experiences, increase cost efficiency, meet high sustainability standards and are fully future-ready.

As Loredo RES, we provide support for scoring in areas:

  • UF5:2 Work Order Management
  • UF5:3 Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD).
  • UF5:4 Cost effective maintenance
  • TF3:4 Asset Information Model (required for Platinium level).
We work with Accredited Professionals (APs) to improve the competence of our building teams in SmartScore certification. Through the use of professional software, we provide customers with many functionalities like:
  • 3D visualization
  • Combining 3D and 2D views
  • Using AR to verify a project on a real scale
  • Combining data from BIM models with data collected in CAFM applications
  • Budget management
  • Control of the implementation of scheduled work
  • Fault analysis for future necessary repairs or upgrades
Building maintenance
Facility Management

We support our business partners in properly defining their needs in the area of Facility Management. We work out optimal solutions (insourcing / outsourcing) and support Clients in their implementation.

Technical maintenance

We specialize in providing comprehensive property technical maintenance services. Our main goal is not only to maintain, but also to increase the value of real estate and optimize the technical service delivery model.

Our services include:

  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Technical infrastructure management
  • Optimization of energy consumption
  • Warranty and defect management
  • Technical documentation management

Our maintenance services are based on the idea of the BIM model, which allows us to provide the highest quality service and deliver innovative solutions tailored to the individual needs of the owners.

Technical audits

Do you need verification of the services you buy? Want to verify that they are being delivered at the expected level? Unsure if equipment is being operated according to guidelines?

Our company offers comprehensive technical audits that answer these questions:

  1. Factual analysis: We conduct a detailed assessment of the technical condition of the property, including the condition of the installations, equipment and infrastructure of the building, identifying defects and technical problems that require repair or modernization.
  2. Assessing compliance with regulations and standards: Our audits include verification of the property's compliance with applicable regulations and industry standards, ensuring that legal and quality requirements are met.
  3. Identification of areas of improvement and optimization: We develop a detailed report with recommendations on areas for improvement or optimization, identifying potential corrective or modernization actions.
  4. Monitoring of the changes made: We also conduct monitoring activities of the changes made and the entire implementation process to ensure that our customers are fully supported and satisfied with our services.

Technical audits

  • We offer support in the process of technical acceptance of properties and individual installations, providing verification of the project against the actual condition and ensuring a smooth transition to the operational period.
  • We support clients in working with the General Contractor on warranty and warranty defect management. The entire process can be carried out using a BIM model, which allows for effective data integration and facilitates information management.
  • Our team is preparing customers for the "Handover" phase, including verification of the BIM model and completion of any missing information.

Implementation of sites and services

For customers who run their own purchasing processes in-house, we help implement external services.

Our scope includes operational activities, monitoring of implementation and services provided, implementation of reporting methods (SLA / KPI).

Service management

LOREDO RES conducts a service to manage (on behalf of the client) services and subcontractors to achieve established business goals.

In addition to managing outside companies, the service also includes:

  • Conducting supplier selection processes (RFI, RFP)
  • Monitor the quality of their work
  • Implementation of standardized service management methods in the client's real estate portfolio

Support of Facility Management processes (insourcing)

We offer comprehensive support to organizations that manage facilities in-house. Our mission is to help review operations for quality, standards, efficiency and related costs.

We aim to improve your team's Facility Management skills and providing support in making key business decisions in this area. If you are considering a change from Outsourcing to Insourcing, our team will help you make a smooth transition to the new model, ensuring business continuity and optimizing your property management processes.

Outsourcing of Facility Management processes and services

Outsourcing FM processes and services can be a key step in optimizing your organization's operations. With years of experience working with corporations, our team can help your organization at every stage of the process:

  • Laying out the process strategy
  • Conducting a preselection (RFI)
  • Conducting the tender (RFP) and implementing solutions
  • Monitoring the effects and recommending actions
  • Choosing the right IT tools for service management

We conduct implementations of outsourcing of single services as well as comprehensive Facility Management (IFM, TFM, etc.).

Customer support in the real estate market

Consulting Real Estate

The Real Estate industry requires cooperation with many experts and companies. Thanks to a broad base of partners, we can optimize processes and increase the efficiency of operations in many areas, including through ongoing audits and substantive support.

Acceptance of facilities and rental space

We support our clients during the acceptance of real estate or rental space after the completed arrangement / fit-out to verify the project against the actual state. This allows for a smooth transition to the period of use and operation.

We support clients in working with the General Contractor to manage warranties and warranty defects throughout the warranty period.

The entire process can be carried out based on a BIM model.

Industry audits

Industry audits are necessary to meet all regulatory requirements.

At various times in the life of a property, it is essential to engage experts to conduct specialized industry audits to assess the condition of the property and determine the next steps.

Looking for experts - we can help you find the best ones!

Consulting in the outsourcing of services

If you are planning to implement outsourcing of services in your organization - our team will help you:

  • Laying out the process strategy
  • Conducting tenders
  • Will implement selected solutions

We help our clients analyze the risks of outsourcing services and adjust KPIs and necessary monitoring tools to eliminate or minimize risks.

Working with us means:

Increasing the value of real estate

Reducing operating costs

Greater operational efficiency

Improved user experience

Use of the latest technologies